These fees apply to appointments at Harrington Office


Standard appointments up to one hour
Intake appointment up to 2 hours
Appointments over 60 minutes up to 90 minutes

* *If process takes more sessions than the intake and 3 standard appointments the fee is reduced to £35 for standard appointments.

BWRT® Quit smoking programme
Hypno quit smoking programme (2 extended session programme)
All above rates apply to 'in practice hours'
OFFER: Pay for 3 Standard appointments in advance (£120) and save £30 *

Other discounts available based on individual circumstances, please ask.


Special Packages Structured Processes


BWRT Master life Coaching for weight loss includes:


o Weight loss/management

o Exercise/Activity

o Includes BWRT for addressing triggers, binging, snacking etc

o Inner conflict resolution

o Life tools for you to use everyday

o Full programme with everything you need to make those important changes and for those changes to last!

Business coaching Multi stage programme includes:


o Discovering pros & cons

o Addressing all elements

o Motivation

o Allocation of resourses

o Generation & foundation planning

o Implementation with full action plan

o Completion stages bringing it all together

o Stop, Think, Test! Every element for success is covered

o Resolve any personal issues which could interfere

o Create life tools for you to use in the future.

Mind Band weight loss £400 full programme:


Aut horitarian Motivational Fat Loss, 6 week programme with daily support with opportunity for extra 3 weeks at no charge, condition applies:



If the course of your therapy goes beyond 6 appointments then a lower discounted rate of £35 is applied to standard appointments.


People wonder why my fees are so affordable:

The answer is that prices are matched to our geographic location and that I believe effective therapy should be accessible and affordable for people from all walks of life. So prices are based upon this philosophy and not upon the recommended higher rates that someone with my qualifications, skills and experience are charging elsewhere.

I always ensure that my current skills are maintained and enhanced by keeping up to date with new therapy developments, this means that I am current in both established therapy techniques and new methods. There are a number of very new, effective and advanced therapy methods that have been developed many of which I am currently the only therapist in Cumbria who has been trained and is qualified to provide to clients.

Please note: The final 10 minutes of any appointment is administration time, i.e. addressing any questions you may have, recording session notes & processing payment receipts. Special structured programmes such as Mind Band, Life coaching Business planning, life coaching and more can be found on the following page: * Applies to standard therapy rates at main office , excludes initial appointments. ** Reduction applied to appointments after 3 completed standard sessions Sorry cheques are no longer accepted, payments by cash , card or BACs only please.


Opening Hours

Monday to Tuesday 8am to 8pm, Friday 9am to 7pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 9am – Noon, Wednesday & Thursday closed


Out of hours

Outside any of the above operating times and days is considered out of hours.
Under special arrangement or in extenuating circumstances appointments may be available during out of hours but would be at an enhanced rate of fees as follow:
Weekdays out of hours are plus 50% of standard rate & Weekend out of hours are at double time.

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