These and many other life issues can often be resolved swiftly.


Effective & affordable methods to help you are available here, we offer both traditional and modern latest developments to help you,
we seek to promote positive life changes for all.



A normal natural state:

Each of us experiences some form of hypnosis in our everyday lives. Hypnotherapy is the use of Hypnosis as a tool in conjunction with a therapeutic intervention.

The therapeutic intervention is the important consideration and a good therapist will ensure the right therapy approach is used suited to the individual needs of a client .



Facts A person in Hypnosis:


Is often more aware than normal


​Is in control & aware


​Can not be made to do or say anything against own wishes


Very pleasant relaxed experience


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Choosing a Therapist


Ensure a therapist is qualified.

There is no regulatory control of complimentary therapists.


So how can you protect yourself?

There are some legitimate & ethical associations who have strict criteria & training standards to be met before membership is granted to applicants. Also members must undergo continued professional development annually. Legitimate associations have searchable list of members & an outline of membership criteria. So you can check out any therapist and viability of their association easily.



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Therapy Choices


A good therapist is trained in a range of therapy techniques.

We offer a free consultation service at our Harrington office for which, there is NO obligation and NO pressure of any kind to make any commitment.


Your peace of mind and comfort is our priority. A consultation allows us to meet, discuss your individual needs, outline Therapy options available & even help you to understand what may have created those symptoms in the first place.


At the end of the consultation you will be given an information pack for study in the comfort of your own home at your leisure.


To ensure that clients feel no pressure or sense of obligation, we do not book any therapy appointments at conclusion of the consultation and ask clients to wait at least 24 hours before requesting an appointment.


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