Schools & Training

British Academy of Hypnosis
Birk Beck University
Tebbets Foundation (USA)
School of Natural Health Sciences
D Elner Q.F (USA)
IACT Training conference (USA)
Lakes College
APHP Annual Training Conference

John's Background . . .

Therapist John D Cinderey has more than 17,000 client hours in this practice and is a senior mentor in the UK! He has helped people with a variety of different symptoms conditions, including Anxiety, Gambling, smoking, lifecoaching, habits, phobias, Pain & more . . . Having a wealth of life experience including many years in HM forces and Law enforcement.

John is a mature family man who can relate to the effects of trauma as he was forced into early retirement following a debilitating injury on duty.


A desire to keep independence and a sense of purpose he found a new career in the field of complimentary therapy and has successfully pursued this career with a passion for providing the best therapies available and ensuring skills are enhanced by training in latest proven new methods and techniques as they become available.


Hypnotherapy Advanced
Psychotherapy Adv Int Dip
Brainworking Recursive Therapy
Master BWRT® Coach

One of only 4 BWRT® senior mentors worldwide
& Certified to Highest level

Symbio Dynamics Consultant
WSN Counselling/Coaching Adv
Past Life Regression & Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Regression to Cause
PARTs Therapy
Quantum Focusing
Hypno Gastric Band
Authoritarian/Motivational FAT loss
Quantum Pain Management
WSN couselling & Coaching practitioner, Trainer & Mentor
Therapist supvervisor services for APHP
Recently qualified and accepted as member of NRPC national register of psychotherapists and counsellors.


John is a full member of the below listed Organisations, Associations & Directories. They validate and scrutinise all applicants to ensure they are appropriately qualified and trained to high levels and standards by a recognised training establishment. To ensure that they meet membership criteria before being accepted:

Symbio Dynamics UK
Hypnotherapy Directory

Peace of Mind

What this means, is that because John keeps his skills current and trains in new therapeutic methods and developments then you are assured of an appropriate range of suitable quality therapy options which include the latest developments and techniques.

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